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Tenant Resources

Below are some resources provided to help our tenant client’s secure an apartment and transition into their new home.

Residential Rental Application

Click this link to download the Residential Rental Application. In addition to a completed application, we need the following for all applicants:

  • Copy of Picture ID
  • Pay-stub or Offer Letter
  • If self-employed: Current Bank Statement and Previous Year’s Tax Return
  • If a student: Student ID and/or Enrollment Letter
  • If international: I-20 Statement (for students), Copy of Visa and Passport

Commercial Application

Click this link to download the Commercial Rental Application. Please note, in most cases a landlord will not lease a commercial space to the business entity and an actual person must be designated as the lessee or guarantor on the lease. In addition to a completed application, we need the following:

  • Copy of the Principal’s Picture ID
  • Current Company Bank Statement
  • In most cases, Previous Year’s Tax Return

Guarantor Application

Click this link to download the Guarantor Application for your cosigner. Cosigners may be needed to guarantee the lease for students, working professionals just starting a job, or folks who have lower credit scores. Your agent will tell you if you need a cosigner.

The cosigner form needs to be completed, signed and notarized. To speed up the process your cosigner should scan/email or fax the form back to us, then notarize and mail us the original.

Please note: In some cases, a landlord may request proof of income from the cosigner in addition to this application.

Renters Information

This is an information list that includes recommended moving companies, utility company contact info, parking permit information and insurance company information.

If there is more information you need or are interested in that is not provided here, either email your rental agent or send the management team an email